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04 December 2005 @ 03:57 am
Author: Rufferto rufferto@twcny.rr.com
Rating: nc17
Pairing: Craig Parker/Karl Urban
Summary: Karl watches, Karl needs, but will he ever get what he wants?
Disclaimer: I do not own them. This did not happen, This is all fictional. I am not making any money.
Banner Credit: The picture in the banner was created with a picture owned by Adrianna Genarni. No money is being made from this fan fiction or the picture.


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Karl gazed at the beautiful man lying stretched out beneath him. He could hardly believe that he finally had access to Craig’s body, to -Craig-. His fingers ghosted hesitantly over the soft skin delighting in the feel of it against his. “You are amazing,” he told Craig as he proceeded to kiss his way down his lover’s body.

Craig shifted underneath him, mind swimming in bliss. He parted his legs without thinking, for a brief wonderful moment managing to entirely forget the man who had dominated his life for the last four years. It was easy to pretend, to believe that he could have the dream that was love. It was easy to wish for. Then he felt Karl’s lips getting nearer to that particular spot and he yelped.

Karl lifted his head in concern, “Wot? Craig are you ok?” he looked down at his lover’s thigh and his expression darkened when he saw what he had just been distracted from. A scar. Not just a scar. This was deliberately made. He tensed, feeling a surge of protective anger building up inside him. it’s a mark, in the shape of a spear and without a shadow of a doubt he knows who put it there. It was not even done professionally, it was probably made with a knife given how uneven it was.

“I’m going to kill him.” Karl rose off the bed, shaking with rage.

“Karl…” Craig began struggling to a sitting position, then onto his knees as Karl began to pull on his shirt.

“I’m going to rip his fuckin’ head off,” Karl groped for his jeans, fueled by rage.

“Karl, wait.” Craig tugged on his lover’s shirt, expression imploring. “Please.”

“Craig, he -hurt- you.” Karl swore under his breath, reaching out to rest his hand on Craig’s neck. “What else did he do to you? Craig, tell me?”

“No, Karl.” Craig gripped the other man’s shirt, fear lacing through him. “Please don’t. You don’t know Mark. Just, stay here, please. Stay with me. Don’t ask me about that, just…stay.”


Karl stared at Craig, trying to calm his raging emotions. He wanted nothing more than to bolt out the door, bash down Mark’s and beat the hell out of him. But Craig’s look stopped him. There was more to this, more that the man wasn’t saying. Craig was, Christ. Craig was afraid.

Craig was afraid of Mark.


The Emotion: creative
The Melody: queen -- "another one bites the dust"