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11 December 2005 @ 12:16 pm
AUTHORS: Kitty-Trio and Rufferto
EMAILS: and kittyTsapphire@yahoo.com
SUMMARY: A long time ago, Craig and Karl were young men. They first met on Shortland Street, and at the time, they had no idea what was happening to them. It was just Lust, right? Why then did it hurt so much?
DISCLAIMER: We don't own Craig Parker and Karl Urban and are not making any money from this fic. We don't claim this happened. We don't know Craig Parker or Karl Urban or their sexual preferences.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is Kitty-Trio's first fic! I think she is off to a great start. I saw her first! Hehe!

Out in the cold, with a love that burns like the sun
You've stolen my soul, so justice would seem to be done
So we hope and we pray and we live and we learn
If we know where we are then we know where to turn
In time, maybe persuasion is all that you need

-Def Leppard "Love don't lie"

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CHAPTER ONE "Undeniable Attraction"

Craig Parker had been watching the man who was playing Jamie for a while now. His name was Karl Urban, and he was quite obviously very sure of himself. Craig smiles, watching the man move across the set to have a seat.

Perhaps it would be a friendly idea to offer him a bottle of water? After all, he looked hot. Craig grins to himself, and fishes one out of the cooler. With a cheerful smile, he made his way over and addresses Karl. "Hey, mate. I'm Craig. Craig Parker. You looked like you could use a drink. Here!" He offers the bottle, and takes in every reaction from the man who had just joined the cast of Shortland Street.

Karl Urban escapes the hot lights of the set, thoughts swirling. How did he think this would be easy? What’s so hard about playing a gay paramedic? Frowning, he finds an out-of-way seat and stretches out his long legs. He was not attracted to men. It’s just the role making him question everything.

He glances around the busy set. A blonde girl passes in a nurse costume. Nice, he smiles. Movement across the way snags Karl’s attention, and he once again finds himself checking the fit of trousers on a male arse. No! He drags his eyes down to his feet. He was just trying to get head into character. Nothing else.

A water bottle waves under his nose. Karl look up into midnight blue eyes, oh shit! “Uh… thanks mate. Do those eyes come with a warning label?” When said blue eyes widen, he claps a hand over his mouth. “Fuck me, did I say that aloud?”

Craig's smile broadens as he sits down next to the younger man. "Not on the first handshake, Luv," he quips. "Welcome to Shortland Street." His eyes travel leisurely over long legs that worked so incredibly well in those jeans.

"Nothin' to worry about here, we're all mates." At ease on the bench, his eyes track another male star as he walks by. "Now -that's- a fine form of a man, I must say."

The whole set was aware that Craig Parker was gay. It was not in his resume, it just simply was. The young man had no qualms about it, and he never tried to hide it. He just never admitted it to the press.

Karl grabs the water, and chugs half the bottle. His hazel eyes take in Craig’s T-shirt as it rode just high enough to show a peak of ebony hair disappearing into threadbare jeans. “Oh, you’re Parker. Gay right? Shit! Sorry. You play Guy!” he stutters.

He blushes and squirms in his seat as Craig’s comments register. Awkwardly, he finally manages to stick out his hand. “Let me try that again. You are Craig Parker and play Guy Warner. Nice to meet you, I’m Karl Urban. I was just brought in as the paramedic, Jamie Forrest.” He hopes his shirttail was long enough to cover the swelling behind his zipper. As Craig’s hand grasped his, Karl quirks an eyebrow and chuckles, “You’re just teasing with that Camp act? Me mates have been doing it all week.”

Craig laughs, it’s not the first time someone has been slightly nervous around him. "Well, yeah, course." He leans back against the bench. Casually, he drapes an arm over it, his fingers almost touching Karl. He easily releases Karl's hand, friendly but not too friendly. "You've taken a role most guys would run away from for miles, makes you far more of a man than some. I respect that."

Craig attempts to determine Karl's age, hopefully over eighteen. "You get to kiss one of the hottest men on the show."

Karl snorts and leans back, jerking slightly as Craig’s fingers brush his nape. Talking about his craft, he can do. He has somehow got to keep his eyes away from that strip of skin as Craig’s shirt rides higher. “It’s just a role, yeah? It can’t be any different from a stage kiss with a girl. All flash and dash for the audience. It's not like real kissing.”

He slants his eyes at Craig’s lush lips. ‘Shitfuckdamn, stop it Urban, things were starting to calm down.’ Karl twists and lowers his head towards Craig’s ear. Wetting his own lip, he admits, “I’ve got this habit of creating back stories for my characters. And this role has my head…,” he glances at his unruly crotch, “and body in an uproar.”

Craig shifts and his eyes roam up and down the young man at his side. A perfect figure, rock hard abs, full lips, and eyes that burn right through you. He follows the trail of a perfect tongue as it snakes across those lips. Karl's words make him smile again, and his nearness was creating a rather intense heat.

"Hm," He pretends to consider, "They've got ideas for Jamie, I hear." his fingers rest where they are, slightly touching the nape of Karl's neck in spite of the way his body had jerked. Craig likes to test the waters. It lets him know where he stood.

"I'd love to hear yours; Guy is a straight doctor, not much of a stretch to play. Now if they would give him something new..." Craig cants his head so that where Karl was once close to his ear, he was now faced with his lips. Karl is barely a man. He wonders if Karl was still a virgin? He can't be, Craig decides. Women would not have left him alone. Men? No, those eyes would have held them at bay. They were far too intimidating. Women would have flocked to him, though. "Like a male love interest, now -that- would be interesting."

"Tell me about your ideas."

Karl had fooled around with a schoolmate. Long weekends catching some killer waves always got him hot. On a stag trip, his mate is good for a quick wank or blowjob, was just tension relief. Craig’s deep blues eyes and pouty lips were mesmerizing. His cock had been aching since the slim man approached. Yeah, for a little character research, Karl grinned, Parker could be useful.

“Well,” Karl drawls, “one of the nurses is Jamie’s childhood sweetheart. Now what or who…,” his eyebrow quirks, “would make him break a promise to marry a little girl,” smirk, “and realize he preferred men’s bits?” With a full dazzling grin, he leans back. “Up for a bit of character exploration, yeah?”

Karl’s smile waverrs as he wonders if Parker would expect anything from himself. Touch another man like that, he couldn’t, right?

Craig stares, amazed by the brashness of the younger man. He was all balls and guts. He smirks to himself, not to mention the fact that he was in serious denial. Oh, he could have some fun with this.

As a rule, he didn't mess around with co-stars. However, Urban was too delicious to pass up. He was fresh from teenage shows and trying to prove he was all man when all he really wanted was men.

He rose from the bench in a fluid motion and crooked his finger, not caring that other people on the set had noticed already. Oh, they knew him. They knew how Craig was. "Come with me, then, and we'll find out just what makes 'Jamie' click."

The older man couldn't keep the smirk from his face. Urban may be in denial now, but not after ten minutes alone with him.

Standing to tower over Craig, Karl finally notices the activity near their corner. Pitching his voice a little louder, he rumbles, “Sure, a cuppa sounds great.” He tilts his head at the gaffers looking their way, hoping Parker intends to be discreet. Surely, with a cast this large, plenty goes on back stage. The ladies were already eyeing him. He hoped for a long run on this soap. “Lead on Parker.”

Craig glances over his shoulder and adjuste his jacket. He had sort of a thing for tall men. It’s the legs, he'd figured out long ago. He likes legs. Karl had a very nice pair of legs on him. "Yeah, cuppa."

He paused a minute to give a kiss to his co-star, Stephanie Wilken. Steph chuckles when she noticed Karl and smiles broadly. "You be nice, Craigsie, Luv. He's new. We like him."

Pausing near Karl, Steph leans up, not shy in the least. She taps his shoulder with a grin. "Do keep an eye on him, Luv. He's a looker, but he's all kinds of trouble." The dark haired woman is clearly teasing and only half-serious.

Craig pretends to look dramatic, "I am utterly wounded. Karl and I are just going to have a chat."

Steph shakes her head, and laughs softly, "If you're free later, Karl. We're having a little party at me sister's. Drinks, women, men if you prefer. All kinds of fun, eh?"

It’s Friday night, and the cast usually winds down somewhere. They either went to a pub or someone's house.

Craig grins, "I'll be there."

"I know -that- Luv." Steph rolls her eyes. "Karl's new; we haven't broken him in yet. Like I said, watch him." she smacks Craig on the butt, and ambles off cheerfully.“

Craig laughs, "Don't mind her, she likes to be fresh." He finally finds what he's looking for. His dressing room. He opens the door and looks at Karl, "Coming?"

Karl chuckles at the exchange between his new cast mates. “A party? Thanks, I’d love to come. Just tell me when and where.” He tries to watch the brunette walk off and backs into Craig at the doorway. “Sorry, mate…” his voice trails off. Yeah, that’s a hard cock pressed into his hip. Oh, shit. Karl is in way over his head now. Karl had been confident this was just a bit of fun. He likes girls. He likes soft curves, not the lean muscles of Craig.

The older man has had his head spinning. He’s been hard for what seems hours. Those deep blue eyes, the heat rolling off Craig. He takes a deep breath. The clean scent of the man mixed with the warm leather of his jacket was intoxicating. At twenty-one, he should want to screw everything that moved. However, a man, -this- man?

“Erm, uh, Pa-Parker?” he stutters.

Craig smoothly steps back from Karl without a losing a beat to his smile and demeanor. He leaves the door open for Karl to follow or leave. With very little effort, he sprawls on his couch and drapes one arm over the back of it. "Is there something wrong with two blokes having a friendly chat, mate?”

He tilted his head, "Or have you changed your mind?" His fingers dance over the couch arm.

He knows exactly what is going through Karl's head. Well, almost exactly. He's been there, but at a lot younger age. He knew when he was thirteen what he wanted. This one was as skittish as a tough colt. He’d be impossible to tame, not that Craig would want to. He liked men who were a bit on the rough side.

Karl is rooted in place. He hangs his head to hide his blush. Strangely, he misses Craig’s heated body against his. He is so confused. He wants to run. He wants… His head comes up, eyes wide, “N-no… I… you…unh!” he groans.

He stalks to the couch, staring hard at Craig. “What the fuck are you doing to me?” Not waiting for an answer, he starts pacing.

“Just a bit of fun”, he mumbles. “My character is gay, not me.” He stops, spins back to Craig. His cock throbbing harder at the sight of the man sprawled on the couch.

With a growl, he’s off again. “Fucking hell! I wanted… I want… Shit!” he rakes his hands through his hair, clasping his fingers behind his neck.

Directing a sigh to the ceiling, he tries to make sense. “I like girls, not men.” He is not sure if he is trying to convince Craig or himself. “But you and those fuck me eyes, and God! I’ve never been this hard.” He confesses. “Why, Craig?” He hangs his head again arms and shoulders drooping. “What is this?”

“This is natural, its desire, pure and simple. And there's no reason why you can't want both men and women." Craig let his gaze slide up and down Karl's body. "Why don't you let me ease some of that tension you've got ripping through you and you can decide what you want later."

He pats the seat next to him. "Or are you afraid of me? I don't have any desire to 'make you gay', Karl. You either want me to help you out, or you don't."

He knows -that- will get a response if nothing else. He pulls off his leather jacket and sets it to the side. "I don't expect anything from you, if that's what you're worried about. How old are you anyway?"

“God! It’s just hard. Pure and simple” Karl pushes the hair off his forehead again. He starts grinning as he sits next to Craig. “Really? You’d do that? I don’t know why my head is so messed up.”

He leans back with a sigh. “I’ll be twenty one next month, if that makes any difference.”

Craig lets his fingers trail down Karl's shirt as the other man sits down. "I know why, I've been there." he smiles. "Almost 21 huh? Well, that's good."

He leans down and presses his lips against the edge of Karl's shoulder, snuggling up to him. "You're awfully warm."

"I've been hot ever since you first walked up," Karl chuckles. Craig's chest feels so different where he has leant against his shoulder. Firm muscles where Karl is used to soft curves.

Craig's fingers find the way to the buckle of Karl’s belt. His lips press against the skin on the other man's neck. "You've been hot all your life, I think. Hmmm..." he flips open the button and slips his hand underneath.

Karl groans as his jeans loosen. Craig's lips are sending shivers down his spine. How did he know his neck was so sensitive? He tilts his head, back arching off the couch.
His cock weeps, as Craig’s hand slides against the head, desperately, he begs, “Don’t tease. I'm so close."

"Let’s take that edge off then, Luv." He pulls down Karl's pants a little and fetches a cloth from nearby. His lips trail up Karl's jaw. His hot tongue licks his way to full lips, enticing Karl to kiss him.

His hand cups over the hard erection and he rubs quickly, fingers fondling heavy sacs, encouraging completion. It’s time to release that tension and time to show Karl what he is missing.

Karl gasps at the wet heat of Craig's tongue. His arm that's pinned behind Craig's back clamps down on the older man's slim shoulder.

He surges up into Craig’s hand. Speech is beyond him. Hot, wet, hard is echoing in his mind.

Mouth open and tongue twining with Craig’s, his brain just shuts down. With one last thrust his senses are overwhelmed, and Karl comes hard.

Craig takes that opportunity to kiss Karl thoroughly. As his tongue tangles with the other man’s, his surprise is clear at the force that responds to him. Karl is certainly not someone easily dominated. In fact, Craig was feeling a little overwhelmed himself. Christ, the kiss was shattering. He is breathless. His hand still massages Karl’s cock even after it has been spent.

Karl hasn't come that fast since he hit puberty. He has never allowed himself to let go like that. His size made him cautious of hurting lovers.

Craig’s slow strokes have his spent cock twitching already. The kiss is much rougher than any girl would have allowed, he groans. He doesn’t have to hold back. He reaches up to pull the other man’s head closer, and thrusts his tongue down Craig’s throat.

That was it; Craig knew there was something here. He fumbled for the cloth and helped to clean Karl a little, but his hand never left that hard cock. He wondered what it would be like buried deep inside him. He lets Karl take control, allows him to plunder.

His free hand threads through the younger man's hair, his fingers swirl at the nape of his neck.

Karl must be bruising the other man, but he can't stop. Craig's strokes are hardening him again. He leans up rubbing their chests together.

The energy that surged forward from Karl takes Craig by surprise. He finally breaks the kiss, and pants for breath even as they kept kissing, their tongues refusing to part. He starts rubbing again; it’s so hard and hot. He wants to feel it inside. Karl probably has no idea what to do though, and he does not want to scare the younger man.

Craig's hand on his cock and fingers in his hair has Karl moaning as their lips part. He rolls and presses Craig into the couch, tightening his hold of hair and shoulder.

He once again plunders Craig’s mouth, thrusting into the expert grip on his shaft.

Craig makes the decision then, hell. He made it when he walked over to Karl. Karl was already on top of him. Hot, ready desire. He pulls at the other man's shirt, tugging it off. His hand slides down warm muscles. God he wanted that cock. He had not wanted anything this bad in a long time. Releasing it for a moment, he worked at his own jeans, trying to pull them off. It doesn't take much to get get them down.

The haze of lust around Karl lifts a bit as Craig yanks his shirt over his head. “Wha…?” He sucks in a deep breath at the skin on skin contact. Then, his eyes pop open as he feels Craig wriggling out of his jeans. “Guh, uh” His brain is trying to process what is happening. His cock has no problem, still thrusting against Craig; it just wants to bury itself in something, anything.

Swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat, Karl is stuttering again. “How…? I…I’ve never… uh…” God! He’s an actor for fucks sake. He once had a command of the English language. “Whoa, Craig?” he gulps.

Craig’s jeans are now low enough for both cocks to rub together. “Fuck me, that’s…” he breaks off when he sees Craig’s grin widen.

"My line, right now." Craig says heatedly, his fingers dancing along Karl's neck. "Don't think, Karl. It’s just lust. You want me; I want you to fuck me. You don't have to know anything; you don't even have to touch me anywhere you don't want to. I'll guide you," he promises softly, reaching over for his jean jacket for some lube.

He swathes his hand and begins to coat Karl's cock. "I know what you need."

He knows that Karl has not prepared him, but he doesn't think Karl's ready for that yet. He is more than able to take a cock, because of his experience, and he knows its going to hurt. The pain will be worth it. Karl will be worth it. He will take more time next time, but the more he lets Karl think, the more chances there are for him to bolt.

Karl’s answering grin slips, as wet fingers slick his shaft. Don’t think. Just fuck. Ok. No room. “Jeans. Gone. Now” he pants. Trying to push his down with one hand, and pulling at Craig’s with the other, he collapses against the smaller man. “Want in. Stuck” he growls into Craig’s neck. Licking his lips, he tastes the sweat-shined skin. Hot. Salty. Mmm… He licks up Craig’s jaw, tongue rasping against the slight stubble.

Craig smiles, and shifts down his own jeans, kicking them off impatiently. He helps Karl with his, knowing for sure now that the man was not going bolt. Not yet, anyway. He worked to calm himself, just because one of them had to be in some kind of control. He wrapped his legs around Karl when they were free. Carefully, he shifted himself, making it easy for Karl to find the right angle. God, he knew this was going to hurt, but it would be sooo good. So good. "Just, take it easy at first." he swallows, bruised lips welcoming the tongue that ravaged him. Yeah, he would never be able to tame Karl.

The head of Karl's shaft is pressing against Craig's entrance. So tight. Nudging forward with effort, he notices Craig's wince as the tip pops through.

"I'm hurting you?" He tries to pull back as Craig’s passage clamps down.

"No," Craig swallows. "No, it’s fine. God, you're big." his legs lock around Karl's waist. "Just ease in slow. Kiss me." he licks his lips staring at Karl. He has never felt so damn wanton.

Karl lowers his head to ravage those swollen lips. He grasps Craig's hip and pushes further into the tight channel. Oh God! He has never felt anything like this. He is barely in, and Craig’s muscles are contracting and his cock is throbbing, wanting to –move-. "Not close enough”, he gasps into Craig's mouth. He pulls a slim leg higher along his waist, sinking deeper. "So tight, so hot".

Craig could feel the pain slicing through him, but he refused to let it show. Something like that would only hurt Karl's first time doing this. He was sure this was his first time doing this. God, he licked his tongue out to touch Karl's, so hot. His hands ran down his lover's spine. "Yeah, s'good. Yeah, baby. Don't stop. All the way."

Christ, he had not expected this. He had not expected anything from Karl, really. It was just lust though, just sex. Just once. Right?

When seated, Karl begins to rock against the older man. The pressure around his shaft slowly eases as Craig relaxes. It is so different. It's so fantastic. Sloppy, wet kisses, tongues dueling, hard chest rubbing against hard chest as Karl’s strokes find a rhythm. The smell of male sweat and musk, Oh god, the sounds, Skin slapping against skin. The harsh breathing of both men. Everything overwhelms him. This was so –male-. Hard, hot, wet, raw. Sex as he had never known he wanted.

Karl shifts slightly, and plunges at a different angle. He stops moving when Craig cries out, body arching from the last stroke.

Craig's fingers dig into the muscles of Karl's shoulders and his whole body trembles. Fuck, fuck he's found it. Karl probably has no idea what he's found, but somehow he found it. "Move, God please move.” He can hardly breathe.

The feeling sweeps through his body and he just .can't. Hold back. "Ahhh... Fuck." Craig's inner walls tighten and clench around Karl's cock. "God, Karl. Yeah, yeah right there...You have it. That's it."

What was that? Karl thrusts again. Craig is digging in, shoving his pelvis up. Frowning Karl is helpless to stop again. What did he do to make Craig clench like that? He continues his strokes, cock throbbing in time with Craig's hot channel.

His hands move up Karl's neck to thread through his thick hair. With a cry, he comes suddenly, his body arching into his lover's. He didn't even need Karl to touch him; just the friction created by their bodies was enough.

As Craig's inner walls squeeze around Karl's cock, his sac tightens as his orgasm nears. Oh fucking hell, he can feel Craig's release against their bellies. No woman has ever made him feel this way. With a final deep thrust, Karl leans into Craig's shoulder biting down as he comes.

Craig twitches, knowing that Karl has just marked him. He curls against the younger man's body, clinging for all he is worth. He has never come that hard before. He has to get a hold of himself. Feign nonchalance. He cannot quite get it together just yet; his body is still shuddering violently. "C-christ." he whispers. "Are y’sure you haven’t done this before?”

Karl licks the mark he just made. Mine, is his only thought. Head spinning from coming so hard -twice-. His heart is still racing. Chest heaving as he realizes Craig is speaking. He shakes his head to scatter the alien thoughts. "Huh? Shit mate. Is it always like this?"

Craig nudges at Karl's lips with his own, "Done right, yeah." God, what is he saying? Rein it in Parker. It’s just a fuck. Just one time. Karl doesn't want to be with just one person. Karl is too good for you to mess up. His hand trails down Karl's chest to rub over a nipple.

Karl is purring as he settles into Craig's embrace. His softening cock still buried in the other man, "No more!” he gasps as Craig’s fingers pull at his over sensitive nub.

He is so perfect, so gorgeous, so unrestrained. Craig will have a very difficult time keeping his hands off him. Craig moves from his chest to stroke the younger man's cheek. "Shhh, it’s okay. It’s fine." No, no it’s not okay. Craig doubts he will ever find anyone again who could do that to him the first time.

Karl nuzzles into the fingers on his cheek. He does not want to move. Shit, he can't even feel his legs. "Ok, just stay a bit yeah?" he mumbles sleepily. No more thinking, just floating, thinking is too dangerous right now.

"Yeah," Craig nods softly. He takes the cloth he had left nearby and cleans off their stomachs gently. His couch in the studio is actually a futon because he has a tendency to spend the night. His home life isn't all that great. He uses his hands to soothe, rubbing trembling muscles, stroking Karl’s ear, cheek, whispering soft words. "Yeah," he nods again and shifts a bit so that he can pull the quilt draped over the back of his couch around them both. "You okay?"

"Mmmm, yeah.” Karl nestles into the cradle of Craig's legs. "Fantastic." He's drifting on the haze completion. Eyes slipping closed as he nibbles on Craig’s ear. Too tempting.

Craig chuckles, yeah, Karl has never had release like that before. He adjusts them both, so Karl has to move out of him, after a while it -does- become painful. "Easy now." he says. Craig wonders; what now? He does not even -know- Karl Urban. His body just -reacted-. It was almost beyond his control. He'd never wanted -anyone- like this before. It was pure, raw desire.

Craig's shifting pulls Karl back from the edge of sleep. He stares down at the man below him. The man…, he has just had the best sex of his life with a man, -this- man. Biting his lip, he asks again, "what are you doing to me? I never felt like this before, I don't even know you." He huffs out a breath.

Craig looks up at Karl, drawing fingers through his hair, "I could ask you the same thing. I don't know. I don't want you to leave. Rest here with me, ok?"

Karl raises a shaking hand to smooth Craig's mussed hair. Why him? He is not gay. His character is. He snorts, remembering how this all started backstage. "Should we? What if someone comes?" He's finally coming back to reality. They are still on the set. He was supposed to have a final fitting that afternoon.

Craig gives a short laugh, "Set was wrapping up for the day. I sleep here sometimes. No one bothers me."
He doesn't want to tell Karl the reason -why- he sleeps here. About Sam. No. No, why would he need to? There is no reason Karl needs to know. It’s his messed up life. He nuzzles into Karl's hand. "There’s a shower a couple of hallways down I use when I need to."

Craig nudges at Karl's lips and kisses him softly. "We can take a shower later and I'll give you a ride to the party."

His thoughts are circling. He should not be feeling this way about someone he just met. Let alone a -man-. Don’t go there again. "I've got my bike" Distance, that is what he needs. He starts to push off Craig, looking around for his clothes.

Craig sits up, pulling his legs up and resting his arms on them as he watches Karl. This is what he had expected. "Ok." he trails off. "I hope," he takes a breath, "That answered some of your questions." Inside he was crying out.

"What?" He grabs a pair of jeans, not really listening. Too short, tosses them to Craig. "Is it alright if I follow you? Your lady friend..." he smirks, remembering the arse smack, forgot to tell me when or where"

Craig catches the jeans, not entirely sure what to think. He shakes away his apprehension. Fuck it. "Yeah, that'd be great." he gives a half smile, that breaks into a full smile. "Steph and her sister have great parties. A lot of people go, not all from the set too."

"Cool. It'll be great to meet more people." Meet women he hopes. Get back to normal. Slipping into the right jeans, he tries for casual. "Maybe not quite like you and me"

He pulls on his boxers and then the jeans. Wincing slightly, he pulls them up over his arse. "Y'd be surprised, actually." He is not at all surprised that it hurts a bit. After all, Karl just thoroughly fucked him. "Toss us me shirt." he indicates the blue pullover hanging near Karl over a lampshade.

Karl smirks, “Yeah?” He grabs both shirts, mumbling through the neck of his. He is not paying attention to Craig's body language, and assumes. Craig must be like himsel, too young to tie himself to any one person for any length of time. Karl has not had many steady relationships. "So, do you pick up every new cast member?” Maybe Parker could be a mate with benefits. He ignores the fluttering in his stomach, remembering the bite mark and claiming Craig his.

Craig keeps his cool. He reaches up and rubs at his shoulder. The last comment makes him bristle and he snatches his shirt from Karl. "No." he almost snaps. He knows he has a reputation, but that is NOT what he does. This was -different-. He pulls on his own shirt. He takes a deep breath, and strives to keep it calm, casual. "Not -everyone-. Just the lucky ones.”

Karl blinks at the sharp tone of Craig’s voice. "Sorry mate wasn't trying to imply anything. I've never done this with a guy." He quirks his brow, "As I'm sure you know. Just didn't know what –this- is." He rakes his hand thru his hair. “A mate would be nice. I don't know what more I can offer."

Craig shifts on the couch to find one of his shoes. He takes a breath, and looks up again. "It’s fine. My pretty boy curse, I get teased a lot." he shrugs. He doesn't mention the fact that Sam is on about it all the time, calling him a slut and whore. "This was. Different. Karl, you were great. I just want you to know. You were really good. I expect nothing, though, yeah. I told you I wouldn't. If you want to do it again, I'd like to."

"Yeah, that was some hot sex.” He sits to put on his shoes. "I don't know, mate. You confuse the hell out of me. Can we just give this some time?"

Craig grins, and leans over to shove Karl, playfully. It’s a good way to put him at ease. "Yeah, no worries." God, he hoped not. It would be easy to fall for those tawny eyes and that devil may care look. "That reminds me, there's a hot tub. Crikey, but that'll feel good later. Shall we catch some grub before we get there? I'm starved and dip and chips do not keep a Bod like mine in order."

Karl grabs Craig's arm on the way down, shoving him off the couch. "Food sounds great." He intended to tickle the other man glad the tension was eased. Those fuck me eyes and swollen lips. Damn. He leans down to kiss him instead.

Craig gives a start of surprise at Karl's strength. He hadn't quite expected that. Then Karl silences his cry of “Hey--” with a kiss that leaves him breathless. Christ. He laughs, trying to shrug off the lightheaded feeling. "Cool. I know this place on the way. Has great steak."

"Mmm, Tasty" Karl licks his lips, not sure if he means the steak or Craig. He scratches his belly, and realizes that is Craig’s drying cum. “How ‘bout that shower first?”

"Sounds good." Craig grins, "This way." Craig himself has -never- experienced anything like this in the past. He has never had anything so explosive, so immediate. It scares him.

He sighs inwardly. This next little while was going to be difficult.


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