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12 December 2005 @ 08:53 pm
AUTHORS: Kitty-Trio and Rufferto
EMAILS: nd kittyTsapphire@yahoo.com
SUMMARY: A long time ago, Craig and Karl were young men. They first met on Shortland Street, and at the time, they had no idea what was happening to them. It was just Lust, right? Why then did it hurt so much?
DISCLAIMER: We don't own Craig Parker and Karl Urban and are not making any money from this fic. We don't claim this happened. We don't know Craig Parker or Karl Urban or their sexual preferences.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Angela Marie Dotchin played Kirsty Knight. Stephanie Wilken played Dr Meredith, Guy's original lover. Kitty Trio writes for Karl and Angela, and Rufferto writes for Craig and Stephanie.

Out in the cold, with a love that burns like the sun
You've stolen my soul, so justice would seem to be done
So we hope and we pray and we live and we learn
If we know where we are then we know where to turn
In time, maybe persuasion is all that you need

-Def Leppard "Love don't lie"


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The party was in full swing by the time Craig and Karl arrived. Karl was still fuming he never got that shower. A seamstress had grabbed him right outside the locker-room as they were about to shower, Damnit. Of course, Craig had to show up when the fitters had him down to boxers, measuring his inseam for the third fucking time.

Craig had taken his time while showering, he wasn't sure why. It was just something he did. He liked to take his time. He had a feeling Karl would not be able to get to the showers so he had been kind enough to bring him a wet cloth so he could get most of the stickiness off. Karl hadn't been too happy about it anyway.

When they got to the party, both women and men immediately greet Craig. They are all over him. Apparently, many people are more than used to touching and hugging him a lot.

On the way through, he introduces Karl to everyone they encounter, but the size of the crowd eventually pulls them apart from each other.

Craig stops in his tracks, suddenly because he hears Sam’s voice. Fuck. Yeah, there’s no mistaking the drunken drawl. Sam was here. He looks around wildly for a place to escape. Ahah, Steph's back yard, it is the perfect hiding place! Forgetting Karl, he dashes through the crowd.

The house is packed, and Craig is soon out of site. Angela Marie Dotchin pulls Karl into the kitchen to grab a beer. They had run a few lines in the morning, but now Karl could see the wedding ring on her finger. Nope, she’s not available Karl thinks with a sigh.

"Thought I heard Craig." Sam Neil blunders into the kitchen, drunk as usual.

Steph has just taken something out of the icebox when she notices Karl and Angela. She smiles broadly ducking around them and then sees Sam looming in her kitchen. With distain, she eyes him. "Uh, ya must have been mistaken Sam, Craig ain't here. Hey, Hugo, take this one to the bar or something, will ya?"

"Was sure, I saw him." Sam slurred, muttering.

"Have you met much of the cast?" Angela asks head buried in the ‘fridge.

"A couple people, one of the doctors. Parker, I think he said his name was." Karl is determined to ignore what happened in Craig's dressing room. He needs to find a woman and get his life back to normal. “I think a girl I’ve taken classes with still has a role. Danielle Cormack, is she around?” Hmm, Dani? Nah, way the two of them stirred shit up in class it would be like dating his sister.

Hugo tugged Sam away from the kitchen into another room where the bar was. "Come 'on. Luv.”

Sam kept looking around, but finally he let himself be dragged away.

Steph makes her way out to the deck to hand Craig a beer, “Don’t worry. Hugo is going to take care of the jerk. Am I seeing things or do you and Urban have something going on? What a hunk."

Craig shakes his head, "Nah, nah." he swallows, "Bloke has just started here, Steph."

Steph laughs, "Craigsie, I know that look. Better be careful, he looks like a lot to handle."

Karl opens their beers, "Was hoping to meet some of the women. Last job was with a bunch of teenagers, and had to stay hands-off." With a wink, he hands Angela a bottle.

“Oh we’re very friendly ‘round here.” Angela sizes up the young man. “You’ll have no problem getting volunteers.” All legs and dreamy eyes, yeah, he’ll have to beat them off with a stick.

Karl walks over to the slider that leads out to the deck. “Volunteers? Oh, me mates were giving me a hard time about that.” He rolls his eyes at the giggling girl. “If it’s not the big –male kiss-, it’s giving mouth-to-mouth as Paramedic Jamie.” Angela’s words have him confident he can hook up with one of the cast’s lovely ladies. Tonight he hopes.

Sam lurches in the bar, "Don't tell me what to do Hugo. I -know- I heard Craig. Now where the fuck is he?"

Hugo steadies the larger man, "Sam. Sam, don’t do this tonight, ok?”

Steph notices Karl glance over. She leans in to whisper in Craig's ear, appearing to kiss it. She just wants to test something.

Unfortunately, Sam’s voice cuts into the moment and Craig looks back towards the kitchen, startled "Fuck..."

Karl glances out to the yard, seeing Craig leant over the deck rail. Shit, his arse looks good in those jeans. God, I was in that tight arse. Don't go there again. He turns back to Angela leaning on counter.

Sam pushes away Hugo, "I need to find the fucking cunt now." he teeters unsteadily.

"Not now, Sam. Leave him alone, ok. Come with me. I'll take care of ya." Hugo offers, trying to coax the drunken man upstairs.

"I haven’t seen him in weeks, “Sam snuffled.

"Well, that's probably because you smashed his face in last week." Steph drawls as she has entered the kitchen again. "Stupid blighter, get him out of my house!”

Craig has not come back into the house yet.

"Was an accident. I'm sorry." Sam whimpers apologetically. "Just wanna see Craig.”

Angela is giving Karl the skinny on the cast: who’s available, who’s just looking and who’s shacked up, when Stephanie charges through the kitchen on the way to a commotion in the bar.

"Oh shit! I forgot Sam's here", Angela grumbles. "God, where's Craig? You came in 'bout the same time as him. Did you see which way he went?"

"Craig's out on the deck. Who's Sam?"

"Long story, you don't want to know." She looks Karl up and down,

"You're big enough, come on." She pulls Karl outside.

Craig runs his fingers through his hair from where he is outside. Damn, why now? He didn't want to deal with his ex boyfriend, current roommate/problem. Not now, not here.

Sam sits down at the kitchen table, instead of leaving as ordered. Steph glares at Hugo, "Can't you just take him to your place or something? Jesus, Christ."

Angela snuggles up to Craig’s side. "Hey, Craigsie! I brought reinforcement. You have met our newest paramedic, right?"

Karl gives Craig a wry grin, "Yeah, met Parker earlier." Christ, did he meet him.

Craig looks up from where he stands, distracted. "H-hi." his hands are stuck in his pockets, his embarrassment at the current situation inside clear. "Didn't think he'd show up."

"Why am I reinforcement?" Karl looks between Angela and Craig. “Is it something about the drunk inside? If they need me as a bouncer, why are we out here?"

Craig sighs, "Sam is my ex." The elder man looks away from Karl towards the door where he can see Hugo finally managing to urge Sam down the hallway. "Thank god for Hugo," he mutters.

"He'd be a lot more of an ex if you'd just leave that fucking apartment." Steph comes out and glares at Craig.

"Ex? Leave? You still live with him?" Karl's voice is rising.

Steph glances at Karl, smirking slightly, "Yeah he does. For the most part, though we all know he practically lives on the set, anyway. Craig, when are you going to walk the hell away from him? You don't -owe- him anything."

Craig sighs, "It’s not that simple."

Angela kisses Craig’s cheek. "Karl, it's a long crazy story. Let's just get Craigsie back inside and this party back to having fun.” She gives Craig a push. "No more sad shit. It's Friday, it's early, and it’s time to get happy! She ushers them through the door.

Craig lets the ladies guide him, he'd much rather not deal with Sam tonight. He casts a glance at Karl, almost apologetic. "We're not together anymore. We haven't been for months. Not since..." his voice trails off at a warning glance from Steph.

Steph says, "Not at my party, Craig. We're supposed to be having fun."

Karl touches Craig's arm as he passes, "You Ok, mate?"

Craig looks at Karl, the touch on his arm surprisingly making things a lot better. He smiles, his eyes lighting up considerably. "I am now," he tells Karl.

Karl gives him a wink. "We better do as the ladies say. Come on I'll buy ya a brew. Think I saw a pool table, y a play?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm not bad." he meets the wink with a brighter smile. Now that Sam is gone, he can relax and enjoy himself.

Steph rubs his back. "Gonna go fire up the hot tub for later, you coming, lover?"

Craig laughs, "Steph, who can resist you in a hot tub with nothing on? Count me in."

"Great! Bring tall dark and dreamy with you. Angela and I must do some girl talk. We'll catch you guys later."

Oh shit, Karl had forgotten the hot tub. He grins at the ladies, "Now that sounds promising, not the Doc here naked, but you two." He smacks his lips. Nope, not gonna think about Parker naked and wet.

Steph laughs and kisses Craig's ear, "Oh, this one is always promising naked, believe me." She smacks his arse, apparently she loves doing that. The girls head off giggling and chatting.

Craig laughs and picks up a pool cue. "Christ, she drives me nuts sometimes."

Karl racks the pool balls, "She sure seems to like you. You ever?" Is Craig bi? They sure can’t keep their hands off each other. He thinks with a frown.

Craig rubs an eyebrow, "Nah, she's more like a sister. She is my lover on set so she is a little overprotective of me. Nice woman, great tits." he winks at Karl and slides the pool cue through his fingers, carefully aiming.

The ladies he has met so far are very cute, but none grabs his attention like the man leaning over to line up his first shot.

Sister, ok, the surprising knot in his stomach eases. Craig stretches further, his jeans pulled taunt against his arse. The arse Karl was in earlier. God! Not again. Even the mention of Steph’s chest didn't harden him like this man.

Turning to take a swig of his beer, Karl asks, "How long have you been on the cast?" Anything to get his mind off arses and fucking.

"About a year so far." he smile, after his shot, he passes by Karl to get a drink. "There, your go, Mate."

As he does, he notes that people have started dancing. The party is getting into full swing. "They'll get into the hot tub in a couple of hours. Steph doesn't like to start that till later on when most people have already left."

Oh fuck me, stop with the hot tub already. He adjusts his jeans as he lines up his shot. "Looks like the dancing is underway. Do you wanna, later? I mean, not with me, but..." grunts as he takes his shot.

"Yeah," Craig sways his hips to the beat, watching Karl shoot. Not bad, Craig loves to dance. And 'white room', the tune playing, is one of his favorite songs. "Hell ya."

Karl sinks a couple solids, and lines up again. Shit, look at those hips. Hoping to get the conversation unto safer grounds, he asks "You really live at the set?" He misses, badly. "Your shot, mate." Determined not to watch this time, he turns to his beer.

Craig realizes it’s his turn, and starts to work for a shot. He smirks a bit at how bad it is. Considering his next move, he swaths the top of the pole with dust and thinks. "Yeah, pretty much. If you knew Sam." he takes a deep breath, "you'd understand why."

Craig grins, "But hey, I'm never late for work."

Karl grins at the last bit. "Nah, just still sweaty and sticky." he turns back to Craig. "Never got me shower. And I'm still chuffed you had those fitters measure my inseam a fifth time!" he says trying to scowl. "Sure, I have long legs, but how hard is it to fit uniform pants. Uniforms aren't supposed to fit well."

"Me I had nothing to do with it," Craig smirks, and takes his next couple of shots. "But don't worry. You'll feel good in the tub, and believe me, that's -what- they want to show off. Your legs. Its a soap after all. And you're too much of a dish to pass up showing off. Get used to it." He misses his next shot just barely. He holds Karl's eyes. "Too good for anyone to pass up."

Karl blushes lowering his head. "Yeah but it was damn embarrassing standing in me boxers, smelling of sex as those ladies ran that tape all over". He had been fine with the fitters until Craig showed up smelling like sin.

"At least you don' t have to get mostly naked for the ladies." he waggles his brows. "I noticed, I admit. I probably didn't help. Sorry about that." he offers, he's not -really- sorry. He actually had quite an amusing time watching Karl react. "Hey, your go. So do you live at home? Or have you got a flat?"

"That's true. Just gotta kiss the boys, and perform a little mouth-to-mouth to random patients" He's grinning. Has the run of the table, and sinks three more balls. "I just got a flat of my own. My parents place was too far out of town."

"Hey, you ever need a place to crash, you know with that Sam stuff." he's frowning as to why Craig would stay with such an arse. "I've got a pull-out in the lounge."

"Hey, that's the last one." Craig looks up indignantly, "You distracted me." he complains with a good-natured pout. Reaching over, he shoves Karl playfully. "You do, huh? Hm." he wonders if that's some kind of offer, but doesn't press.

Not thinking of the implications of Craig, alone in his flat, Karl shoves back. "Anytime, me mum stocked the pantry, so food's no problem for a while."

"Let's go see what the other's are up to on the dance floor."

"You won." Craig sticks out his hand to shake Karl's in congratulations, "Good game. Food huh? Home cooked? Now -that- sounds nice." He actually -can- cook pretty well. All of his stuff is his condo, though. He rubs the back of his neck, "Ok. Cool."

As long as Karl stayed away from watching Craig lean over the pool table, he could believe this was just a mate and a friendly game of pool. Once they enter the other room, Angela again grabs Karl and pulls him out to dance. The song has a hard beat, and Karl has the woman pressed ass to groin grinding his hips to the tune.

Steph comes up behind Craig, running her hands up his stomach and then hooking them in his jeans pocket. She loves it that she can do this with Craig and not have to worry about him expecting anything from her. Craig leans back against her and they kiss. They aren't seeing each other, or even dating. It’s just friendly, they -are- lovers on set. They look gorgeous together too. Craig leans back and puts his hands on Steph's ass. He's a great dancer, moving fluidly with the beat.

"Don't look now," Steph whispers in his ear, "But tall dark and dreamy is watching."

"Is he?" Craig doesn't look.

"Don't play coy with me, lover. I'm smarter than I look."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Craig smirks. "What's he doing?"

Angela feels good in Karl's arms. Small and petite. His large hands practically span her hips. He grinds and bumps them both to the beat, glad his cock is calm even though it's nestled against her pert butt. He rests his chin on the top of her head, glancing up.

Steph looks up to meet Karl's eyes and she very deliberately licks Craig's ear, pulling on his earlobe.

Karl catches Steph's eye, oh fuck me, his cock lurches as he realizes that was the same ear he'd nibbled earlier. He pulls back slightly from Angela, but she's already noticed.

"Hey", she spins in his arms to kiss under his chin. "Don't worry, we're all friends here. I have a great hubby who knows I love to dance and get all worked up." she snuggles up to Karl's chest. "As long as I return to him at the end of the evening."

"From the look Angela’s giving me, I'd say he's hard as a rock right about now. What -are- you doing to the poor boy?" she whispers, her lips pressing down his neck.

Eventually she discovers that he's been bruised a bit and marked, as she tugs at his shirt collar. "Hm, makeup's going to have a bitch of a time getting that out come Monday."

"Oh, leave off, Steph. It'll be fine." Craig laughs, resting his head against her breasts. She's a bit taller than he is. Hell, everyone is taller than he is.

He lifts his eyes to meet Karl's.

Karl is still staring at Steph and Craig, his stomach churning, and slows his dancing. Angela looks over her shoulder to see what's caught his attention. "She's quite a dish isn't she?" Angela grins.

"Uh, yeah he is." Karl pulls her arms from his neck. "Gotta get some air." He stalks off and out the back door.

Craig raises his eyebrows and watches Karl stalk off in bemusement. "He's getting away, Angela." He says, eyes twinkling at her in amusement. He'll let Karl cool off for a bit, then go after him.

Angela makes her way over to the pair. "I thought he was straight?" She looks back. "No, it wasn't me that was getting him all worked up. Craig? What did you do to the poor boy?"

Craig tries to look innocent, but the both of them know him too well. "Fuck," he sighs, "Can't hide anything from you guys, can I?"

"No, lover. You're an open book." Steph grins and ruffles his hair. "We know you too well."

"I dunno what happened," Craig sighs, "I didn't mean for it to happen. It just did."

"Jesus Christ," Steph stared at Craig, "You already fucked him?"

Angela laughs, "Already? That's one hunk of man-flesh. So," she winks "how was he?" She continues, "No don't answer that… All we ladies will just have to dream. I didn't realize he was gay."

"Shhh... No. he fucked -me-. But he's confused, he likes girls too. Okay? I dunno what to do with him."

"Craig he's only been on the set ONE day.”

Craig lifts his hands helplessly, "I couldn't help it. He looked at me, and I melted. I don't know if he still wants me."

Steph shakes her head, "Craig, he wanted you. He was staring at you like you were a prime steak."

"Likes girls! I could have been dead for all the reaction he was giving me.” Angela pouts. “Yeah, it's you he wants" she agrees with Steph.

Steph nods to Angela, "Hey, I know a couple of ladies we can 'throw' at him to see what happens in the hot tub later. They've been dying to meet him anyway. Craig, you go after him. Its your fault he's feeling this way anyway."

Angela gives Craig a hard stare. Maybe tall dark and handsome can finally break Sam's hold on Craig. "Someone should go out there. He doesn't know anyone here."

"Hey! How is it my fault? All I did was react."

"You are the grownup, he's just a baby when it comes to this. Go and talk to him." Steph orders.

Craig raises his hands, "But I..."

"Go. Now."

Craig sighs, two against one. He turns to make his way to outside to find out where Karl has wandered to.

Karl gulps the cool air outside. Shit what is wrong with him. All he can think about is Craig. He'd hoped to meet some lady to get that man out of his head.

"Karl?" he looks around, trying to find the younger man in the backyard.

God! Here he is again. "Why Craig? Why you?" he pleads. "I'm not me anymore. Why can't you just be a mate?”

Craig finds Karl's silhouette in the moonlight, following the sound of his voice. He puts a hand on the younger man's back, rubbing warmth into his shoulders. "Hey, hey. Its okay. I am your mate, Karl. You can talk to me."

Karl shivers at Craig's touch. He pulls away. "No, what I need is to get laid." he glares at Craig. "By a woman!" Please let that be what will work this out of his system.

"Well, if its women you want. I just came out to tell you Steph has a couple of nurses who've been dying to meet you for later." he puts his hands in his pockets and watches Karl.

Karl snorts, "That's what I tried earlier, but these are nice women. I need some hard fucking." He starts for the gate. "I need to leave, let the ladies know it was great." He doesn't know what else to do. Want this man fucked out of system. "Should head down to Baxter St. find me someone for the night,” Yeah, brainless, anonymous.

"Wait." Craig reaches out and grabs his arm. "Wait, don't leave like this. Christ. Karl. I wish I could say something that would make today vanish in a puff of smoke for you. But its not going to. You wanted what happened as much as I did. You still want it."

"That's just it! I don't know what I want!" he starts pacing. "I don't want to forget the best sex I've ever had, but I have to get back to normal" A couple more circuits of the yard he comes back to Craig "yeah, some meaningless sex with a nameless woman...Shit! I don't know!"

"Get back to normal," Craig barks a laugh at the very idea. "Karl, what happened today might have been just sex, but it was far from meaningless. See? I'll prove it to you." Throwing caution to the wind he grabs Karl's shirt and kisses him.

Karl stiffens as Craig attacks his mouth. Then with a groan, he's kissing back for all he's worth. Christ!

Craig finds himself crushed against the tall fence, Karl's lips suddenly back in control. His hands reach up to thread through that glorious thick hair as their tongues twine together as though made to fit.

He plunges his hands into Craig's hair and grinds his groin against the other. No one can reduce him to aching want like this. Craig takes all that he can give. Christ this is so fucking fantastic. And so fucking wrong!

He fits so easily against Karl's lean form, his body is so ready to react. He feels the heat and passion radiating from Karl, and no women will ever get this from him. This is -Craig's-. This is for him alone. He responds with everything he has, wanting whatever Karl wants to give him. Anything.

He pulls Craig's head back by his hair, gasping for a breath. "You can take this? You like this?" He doesn't give Craig a chance to respond, plundering Craig’s mouth again. God damn. He could fuck him right here, right now. Despite all the people in the house.

Yeah he likes it, his body is on fire from the kiss. Christ, he's never felt like this before. He runs his hands up Karl's back to clutch his shoulders. He wants it. Needs it. Its almost a dream come true. This is what he'd never thought he'd find. True desire, true need. He wants Karl with every fiber of his being and it scares him shitless.

Steph and Angela are peeking out from a window, "I told you." Steph smiles, "Look at that, they are so beautiful together aren't they? Fuck I hope he can get Craig away from Sam."

Angela winks, "our loss, but our Craigsie needs someone like him."

"Don't let him see us," Steph worries, tugging her back behind the curtain. "Karl's far too skittish. We have to make sure no one disturbs them."

Karl is holding nothing back. No restraint to stay gentle. Craig won’t break under his force. He pulls Craig in with a hand on one butt cheek, grinds hard, and again yanks his hair. "Gotta fuck you. Now!"

"Jesus," Craig pants, feeling the hard need against him. He's going to have some trouble sitting tomorrow. He's got to teach Karl a few things. But if he takes his time. "Karl...gotta use some of this." he fishes in his jacket for the small tube of lube. He'd stuck it in there just in case anything happened. He doesn't even try to stop him, he wants it as much as Karl does.

Karl looks down at the tube placed in his hand. "Huh? You just greased me up earlier. Is that all?"

"Not all." Craig runs his hands up and down Karl's neck. "If you want to make it good, easier. You need to prepare me. Like um. Like you would a woman."

Karl shakes his head, fuzzy with raw lust. "Prepare? But they're already wet" His eyes pop. "Oh! You mean my hand, in…?" he takes a step back.

"You coat your fingers," Craig whispers, "then put some on your cock. You use your fingers to stretch me." he swallows. "You uh." Craig looks down, shifting from one foot to the next, his hands still on Karl's shoulders. "You don't have to."

"Stretch? But we didn't earlier." He steps back again, glaring. "Did I -hurt- you?" he growls. "Christ! I did! That's why you were squirming at dinner"

Craig is held prisoner by those eyes, they bore right into him. "Y-yeah. But I wanted it. I didn't want to scare you away. I still want it. I don't care if it hurts at first. I just want you." Karl's almost far enough away that all he's doing is clutching the other man's shirt. "As much as you want me."

Karl's stomach is knotting. Fuck! He'd hurt Craig. Taking him like some nameless slut. He snorts. Like he wanted to find a bit ago. He breaks Craig's hold on his shirt. Now look at them. About to fuck him again in someone's backyard, and a house full of people.

"No, don’t be that way. You deserve so much more." He paces. "Much more than I've been to you."

Craig stares at the ground, "I'm sorry." he feels awful now. He wants Karl, it was so good. "It was good Karl, really good. I can teach you, I can show how to make it better if you'll just let me."

"No that's not what I mean. I can learn, no problem. But I -hurt- you. Look at me now, ready to take you I front of god and everyone. You! You deserve so much more than me. You have no reason to be sorry. I'm the arse here."

Craig steps forward again, reaching out to touch Karl, tentatively laying his hand on his shoulder. "You're not. I knew what I was doing, Karl. You had no idea. I just never thought it was going to end up like this. So damn. God, I've never been kissed like that you know?"

Karl gives him a small smile. "Yeah, me either."

Craig's fingers move to his lover's neck. "Karl, you didn't do anything that I didn't want."

Karl arched against Craig's fingers. He takes Craig's face in his own hand, rubbing his thumb over swollen lips. "I don't deserve you. You, we, may both have wanted that, but I can't get over that you let me hurt you like that. And would let me treat you like a slut. What makes you so hard on yourself?" There is no way Karl will make love, yeah make love –not- fuck, this man with out the right setting.

Karl doesn't know about the last three years. Karl doesn't know about Sam. Craig takes a deep breath, his fingers rubbing at the taller man's neck. "You don't know me, Karl." How is Karl supposed to know what Sam did to him? How could he tell Karl he was used to it? Used to pain? "I've been through quite a bit."

"No I don't. And you don't know me. You don't know that it would kill me to hurt someone I care about. I may be young and an insensitive jerk as my last girlfriend accused." He gave Craig a wry grin. "But I don't set out to hurt people." He traces the line of Craig's jaw. "You shouldn't take anything like that" His mind flashes on the drunk at the party earlier. "That Sam? He's... You let...Oh Fuck!"

Craig's breath catches as he hears the heartfelt words. God, the man was amazing. He gives a soft laugh, "I don't think you're insensitive." he smiles. The moonlight catches his eyes and sparkles off them. His smile fades when Karl mentions Sam.

“Mate! You're too good for a bastard like that! You're too good for me." He huffs. "Come on, I need to settle down before I go looking for the bastard, beer sound good?"

Craig looks down, "Sam wasn't always like that...." his voice trails off and he nods, reaching down to take Karl's hand and squeeze it. He glances up at the taller man and gave him a soft smile. "Beer sounds good."

"So, if we're gonna do this right. You gonna tell me everything I need to know? He sighs to ease some of his tension. "Because I do want that arse of yours, just need a little learning, eh?"

Craig unconsciously massages Karl's fingers as they walk back towards the house. "Yeah. I will." he smiles again, eyes sparkling. He's not sure what it is, but that tone, its like soft blanket. He wants to wrap himself in Karl's voice and snuggle up against him as long as possible.

"No, not in there. I've got some brew at home." He squeezes Craig's hand.

“Go say your goodbye to your friends. I'm too horny to wait long". Karl kisses Craig’s temple and heads for the gate.

"Huh? Oh." he nods, "Okay. Don't leave." he warns softly. He doesn't have far to go to look for Steph and Angela. "Uhm. Hi, we're um. We're off. Sorry, won't be able to use the hot tub tonight."

Steph grins, "Really? Craig that's great. You'll tell me all about it Monday, right?"
Steph nudges Angela, "Maybe he'll be late for once."

"We? Where’s the other half of we? Angela asks looking around.

"He's gone to his bike, I'm um. Going home with him." Craig smiles slowly.

"Its been a while since I've seen that smile!" Steph grins. "I knew you were in there somewhere, Craigie."

Angela grins "You be careful, luv! I'll have Hugo bring your car to the set.”

"Thanks," Craig gives Angela a hug. "I'll be okay. Tell Hugo thanks for me when you see him, kay?"

"Yeah sweetie" she kisses his cheek. "Have fun now, don't do anything we wouldn't do."

Steph nods, "No problem."

Steph grins, watching Craig move down the pathway towards where Karl is waiting with his bike. "I can't believe it, Craig finally found a real man." She grins and laughs.

Craig comes up to Karl, smiling. "Got an extra helmet?"

Karl hands Craig the spare. "Yep. Hop on and hold on tight. You like going fast?"

Craig straddles the back of Karl's bike and straps on his helmet. He wraps his arms around the younger man's waist and nods, "Sounds great, just don't run any red lights." he jokes.

"I don't want any unnecessary stops along the way." He turns back to Craig "that stuff you had. Do we need anything else? I want to make sure we do this right."

Craig runs his hands up and down Karl's thighs. "We've got what we need."

And so Karl gunned the motor and they were off.


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