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13 November 2005 @ 07:28 pm
Drabble a day challenge "Beloved Unattainable" *1/100* rating R  
PAIRING: Karl Urban/Craig Parker
SUMMARY: Karl watches, Karl needs, but will he ever get what he wants?
SETTING: The Fellowship Festival, London 2004.
DISCLAIMER: Not True. Don't know them. This didn't happen. I don't make any money.

1 OF 100

Karl Urban was in his hotel room, thinking about the day that had just passed by, the way he felt he had botched things. He hated conventions, he hated the spotlight. The name kept echoing in his head, "The Parkers". What he hated the most was watching Mark Ferguson touch Craig Parker.

What was worse, Craig liked it.

He swirled the almost empty glass of scotch in his hand, swallowing back a sigh. He’d never seen Craig so animated before. When Mark was around, Craig just lit up.

Karl stumbled for the rest of the brandy.

He poured his glass full, almost letting it fall over the rim when he heard a loud pounding on the door, “Karl? I know you’re in there! Open up!”

What time was it? Almost midnight. Karl groaned. “G’way.”

The Emotion: creative