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the parkurban sanctuary

dedicated to the preservation of parkurban

The ParkUrban Sanctuary
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This is a journal created as a place where Karl Urban / Craig Parker fics, pics and manips can be shared. It is a moderated community, for persons over the age of 18. Your age must be present on your userinfo page before you will be approved for membership.


Stories will contain:
Graphic M/M Relationships

Stories may contain:


Content in this journal is adult-rated and should not be viewed by
persons under the legal age or under the age of 18.


None of the stories contained in this journal are true in any way.
They are mere figments of my overactive imagination and should not be considered true.

Moderators make no claims to the knowledge of any character's sexuality or preferences.

This is all made up.

It's all lies!!!

Posting Rules:

No flaming, please be civil.
No anonymous posts.

Posting images:
Large images under cut.
Please give warnings for nudity.

Posting fics:
Place under cut, please
Post ratings, warnings and any disclaimers!
All fics must have Karl Urban/Craig Parker as the main pairing.
Either man may be paired with others at some point in the fic,
but Craig/Karl must be the main pairing.

Happy endings not required.
Angst encouraged.
Have fun!

Please feel free to recommend those on your flist that you think would be interested in joining.

Pictures - do not hotlink or use without permission.


As always, any writer wants to know if someone is reading his or her work, if the reader is enjoying it, and what, if anything needs to be changed. Please leave feedback about what you thought about the story.